How to Install Nametests Script

July 4, 2017     Nametest Script    

How to Install Nametests Script , you must purchase that from here-



and download the “zip” file from “my orders” section in your account.

Steps to install Nametests Script-

  1. Login into your Cpanel account and open File manager.
  2. Upload Zip file to your root directory.
  3. Extract zip file in your Root Directory.
  4. Now visit
  5. You will be redirected to the installation wizard.
  6. Click on start.
  7. Now you have to insert your database related details in the wizard.
    Database Host- localhost
    Database Name- Your Database name
    Database username- Your database user’s name
    Database Password- Password of your database
  8. Keep clicking on continue.
  9. At-last, create your User Admin Details
    username– your username for admin panel login
    password– your password for admin panel login
    email– your email-id (used in case you forgot your password)
  10. Click on Done.

How to Create new Database in Cpanel-

  • Visit MySql Databases from your website Cpanel
  • Go to Create new Database
  • give your database a name and click on create.
  • your database will be successfully created.

Now create new username

  • Come to Add new user
  • create your username
  • create your password
  • enter your password again
  • click on create user button

Assign new user to your new Database-

  • Come over to- Add user to Database
  • Select your new user from drop-down list
  • Select your new database from drop-down list
  • Click on – ADD button
  • A new page will open
  • Select All privileges
  • Click on Make changes

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