40 Quiz Pack for Nametest Script[digital]

You are just few clicks away from getting Ready-made 40 Facebook fun quizzes.

YES!! 40 new quizzes to your Nametest Website Script.

Note: This pack just include Graphic Templates/images used for creating these Tests.


Whats in the package?

(check above images)


  1. How old do you Look?

  2. How much Arrogant are you?

  3. Which Bahubali Character are you?

  4. Who is your Best Friend in 2017?

  5. Who is your Best-friend?

  6. Which Car represents your Personality?

  7. Who is crazy in love with you?

  8. Who is dying to be in a relationship with you?

  9. What is Donald Trump tweeting about you?

  10. Who is your Evil Half?

  11. What your face reveal about you?

  12. Which friend knows you best?

  13. Which friend will always love you?

  14. Which friend will never Betray you?

  15. Which friend will always protect you?

  16. Which friend is your Carbon Copy?

  17. How did God created you?

  18. What God has gifted you?

  19. What is your Heart Feeling?

  20. How many hearts have you broken and saved?

  21. Who should you go on a holiday with?

  22. What is the initial of Person who loves you?

  23. Which friend revolves around your life?

  24. What is the name of love of your life?

  25. Which number is Lucky for you?

  26. What is your Marriage Prediction?

  27. Which Marvel character are you?

  28. At what age you will become a Millionaire?

  29. Who is like your Mirror Reflection?

  30. How many people loves you?

  31. Which Personality Disorder you have?

  32. How many Proposals you will get this year?

  33. How Romantic are you?

  34. How much Sexy are you?

  35. Which Friend Loves you?

  36. How will your Soulmate Surprise you?

  37. What makes you Stand Out?

  38. Who is your Soulmate?

  39. What’s your Special Talent?

  40. What’s your True Character?

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